USB Digital Microscope Video Camera

USB Digital Microscope Video Camera

Here’s a great product for any budding scientist; USB Digital Microscope Video Camera.

Great gift for kids; the perfect combination of educational and fun. Take ordinary household creatures or objects (a dead fly/ daddy long legs/ spider, stamps, coins, paper money, rocks, jewellery) and enlarge in detail to view in a completely new perspective. Children love it!

Very easy to use, and very high quality for such a good price. This will provide hours and hours of entertainment.
This digital USB microscope has a powerful 1.3 megapixel sensor which allows you to zoom in on your objects easily. There are 8 LED lights to illuminate your subject, allowing you to look at every detail. What’s more, this clever little device lets you take still photos and even record videos of what you can see.
You can magnify objects from 20 – 400 times their original size.

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