Thumbsup USB Boxer

Thumbsup USB Boxer

Thumbsup USB Boxer

In the blue corner, we have the ultimate corporate toy… the Thumbsup USB Boxer.

The USB boxer brings computer games to life on your desktop. And it needs no batteries, as it’s powered by USB. Interactive gameplay is about to get a lot more physical.

This detailed plastic desktop toy is controlled by your computer keyboard, and relays key presses to the boxer’s movements in real time, testing your rhythm and skill.

The included software keeps tab on your score, as each hit on the boxing bag is registered and tallied up. Realistic boxing ring sounds also increase the intensity, and really let you open up and vent your frustration.

There’s a whole host of options to customize each game (or round) you play with the Thumbsup USB Boxer, including different game modes and the length of each round. Or you can just let loose and go free for all. The perfect corporate toy for a stressful office environment.

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