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The terms ‘this website’ or ‘this site’ refer to the website you are currently visiting; namely The terms ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’ refer to the management team of this website. The term ‘you’ refers to the user (or visitor) of this website.

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We take your privacy very seriously. The majority of the products listed on this website are hosted and supplied by Amazon Ltd. and its associates. As such, all payments and associated payment details are taken by Amazon Ltd. and not by us. We will never ask you for any payment details. If you are approached by someone purporting to be us and asking for personal details, don’t hand over your information. Please report this behaviour to us. The only personal information we collect is email addresses for customers who have opted in to our mailing list, as detailed below. We collect no other personal information on visitors to this website.

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Mailing List

If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will send you periodic emails about products or other relevant information. You can opt out of our mailing list at any time by emailing and typing the word ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject heading. We will not sell or share your email address with any other company. Your email address will be for the sole use of us contacting you.



In accordance with EU regulations on the use of Cookies, we are required to inform our users of the use of Cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on a user’s browsing device (e.g. laptop, PC, tablet PC, smart phone) when that user visits a website. These files collect basic information about the website user, such as time spent on the website, number of pages looked at, links clicked on etc., and relays this information back to the server. We use Google Analytics to monitor visitors to our website. Google Analytics places two cookies on the users’ web browsing device to monitor visits to the site. These Cookies then collect the required information about the visit and send the information back to Google’s servers. No personally identifiable information is collected during this process, and all basic information collected is used by us for analytical purposes only. By using this website, you agree to us using cookies in this way. Most modern broswers include the option to disable cookies. Please consult your browser’s Help pages if you wish to do this.