Build Your Own Robot Arm

Build Your Own Robot Arm

Build Your Own Robot Arm

This is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while; the Build Your Own Robot Arm!

This technologically advanced kit comes with all the pieces and instructions to allow you to construct your own robotic arm. There is some serious fun to be had with this. Not only does it encourage children to take an interest in science, adults can also amuse themselves for hours on end with this great bit of kit.

In the box is the robotic arm (in pieces) which makes use of 5 separate motors, a remote control and instruction manual. There are quite a few pieces, but the detailed instructions show you how to construct your robot arm, giving you an insight into how it works whilst you are putting it together.

The Build Your Own Robot Arm is the perfect stepping stone into the world of robotics and control systems. Learn the basics with this and one day you could take part in Robot Wars!

When built, this robotic arm features 5 motors for multi-directional control of its 5 different joints; base rotation, elbow, shoulder, wrist motion and a gripping claw. These options allow the robotic arm to position, grab, lift, lower and release items with smooth efficiency. There is also an LED spotlight in the claw to illuminate anything you are going to pick up.

The wired remote control allows you to learn the basics of motorised control as you command your robot.

Our customers love this thing! The Build Your Own Robot Arm is suitable for ages 7 and up, and is a great learning tool for kids and adults alike. The assembly process allows you to learn about electronics and robotics as you’re putting it together.

Customers have praised the quality of the motors (which include suppression capacitors), and the general build quality of the arm. Apparently it should take around 2-3 hours for the initial assembly, and one thing to watch out for is the one slightly smaller gear output than the rest. So pay attention while building. Also praised is the level of technical ability required. It is challenging, but simple enough to pick up. You certainly won’t need a degree in robotics to put this together.

The robotic arm runs off D batteries, which are not included.

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