Tomy Octopals Bath Toy

Tomy Octopals Bath Toy

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TOMY Aquafun Octopals

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Product Description

Colourful, floating bath island toy, featuring mummy octopus that acts as a pouring cup and her 8 little babies that can stick to the sides of the bath or tiles. Each baby is a water squirter and features a different number that corresponds to a number on the base for number matching fun.


  • Octopals is a wonderful, colourful floating island that's several bath toys in one!
  • Turn Mummy octopus upside down for water pouring fun.
  • Her 8 little babies each squirt water and have a suction cup so they can stick to the sides of the bath or on wall tiles.
  • Each funny-faced baby features a different number that corresponds to a space on the island - ideal for number matching fun!
  • Babies come in twos with coloured heads and collars for different colour matching games, too!

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