Subbuteo Team Edition

Subbuteo Team Edition

Subbuteo Team Edition

Fancy a blast from the past? Then make way for the return of Subbuteo Team Edition.

Share your favourite childhood game with your kids! This classic game of precision and skill from the 80’s has made a comeback, and it’s better than ever.

This is the perfect starter kit for ages 8+. It contains 2 teams (generic red and blue), pitch, goals and ball, all in a nice colour gift box. Set up your pitch on a suitably sized table and away you go. Branded teams are available separately, including International teams such as England, and Premiership teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool.

This new edition features new, flexible players with new and improved swerve, slide and balance. It’s also easier to set up than the original, and doesn’t require glue to get going. Our customers have also reported a vast improvement in the detail of the players.

This is a great nostalgic gift for anyone who owned Subbuteo the first time round, or a great old school gift for new budding players.
Even those who don’t like football can appreciate the skill and fun to be had with Subbuteo Team Edition.

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