Moocow Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Moocow Inflatable Zimmer Frame

Moocow Inflatable Zimmer Frame.

Know someone with a milestone birthday coming up? 40th, 50th? Brighten up their gift collection (and get some digs in) with this hilarious Moocow Inflatable Zimmer Frame.

Created by Moocow, a leader in novelty party gifts.

  • Hilarious inflatable gag product in the shape of a zimmer frame
  • The ideal gift for that special old-timer
  • Created by Moocow, a leading edge ideas company committed to innovation
  • Pack approx 227mm (H) x 178mm (W)

The perfect for the old has-been in your life! As well as the comedy factor of actually presenting a zimmer frame to that special someone who is older than you, there are also plenty of laughs to be had learning to ‘walk’ with this joke zimmer frame and getting the old person’s posture right. Just remember it is inflatable and won’t actually support your body’s weight!

Attach a balloon for even more laughs.

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