Drumstick Pencil (by Suck UK)

Drumstick Pencil (by Suck UK)

Here’s another fantastic gift, brought to you by Sweet Gadgets UK. This range includes the awesome zombie shower gel, bluetooth talking gloves, an awesome X-Ray scanner and a mini jellyfish scanner, to name but a few.

Suck UK Drumstick Pencils

Suck UK Drumstick Pencils Rating:
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Sale Price: £3.99
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Product Description

Here at gadgetshop HQ we just love dual-functionality devices, and this simple yet highly innovative gizmo is proof positive of the fact that one doesn't require high levels of technology to deliver high levels of effectiveness. Oh no. The design of this device is as immaculate in its conception as it is flawless in its delivery. At one end, a fine writing device, cunningly disguised as a common-or-garden pencil. At the other, a finely balanced thwacking device, cunningly disguised as a common-or-garden drumstick. Its beauty is in its simplicity. A drumstick and a pencil. A pencil and a drumstick. All in, it's quite enough to transform you into the veritable John Bonham of the stationery cupboard. The Stumpy Pepys of the server room. The Phil Collins of the water cooler... on the other hand, maybe not. But let's face it, having a pair of double-ended, dual function drumming/writing devices to hand is a darned sight cooler (and whole lot less geeky) than the unedifying sight of a bog standard HB pencil protruding from your back pocket. Not to mention safer, too. Therefore, for the sharpest drumming - and sharpest scribbling - in the office make your next move into Heavy Metal with a decent Hard Black to hand. You know it makes sense.


  • Set of 2 HB pencils shaped like drumsticks
  • The perfect tool for office drumming sessions
  • A great gift for fidgety friends and colleagues
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Drumstick pens also available

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