Bluw Mini Mixer

Bluw Mini Mixer

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Bluw Tryble MP3 Mixing Deck

Bluw Tryble MP3 Mixing Deck Rating:
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Product Description

One, two. One, two. Check, check. Two, two. Now getting nifty on the decks is child's play thanks to the awe-inspiringly innovative Lecci Mini Mixer from the peeps at Bluw. It takes the analogue chore of lining up separately spinning plastic discs and digitizes the whole messy business. It looks like a two-channel mixing deck. It is, to all intents and purposes, a two-channel mixing deck. Simply plug in two mp3 players and you're good to go. And before you can say 'this one's for all you lovers out there', you're a real, live DJ who's just swapped his bulging record box for floor-filling classics for a sleek machine chock-full of banging choons. Man.


  • A super-cool, one-of-a-kind miniature mixer that brings DJ functionality to your iPods!
  • A great tech gadget for aspiring DJs or anyone who loves their music and their mp3 player to have some fun with!
  • DJ any party, anytime, anywhere with this portable MP3 Mixing Deck. Simply plug in two MP3 players, a pair of headphones and you're ready to go. These mixing decks will allow you to flip between tracks, hear the next one you've selected and mix them in as you please.
  • Portable MP3 mixing deck that'll make it possible for you to flip between the cool tracks playing on two iPods seamlessly - with an awesome fader function.
  • Pack contains 1 x Mixing Deck Unit

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