Sony MDREX50LPB Mid-range In-ear Headphones

Sony MDREX50LPB Mid-range In-ear Headphones

Sony MDREX50LPB Mid-range In-ear Headphones

Looking for a new pair or in-ear headphones? Look no further than the Sony MDREX50LPB Mid-range In-ear Headphones.

The sound quality on these babies is astounding. Our customers report that they block lots of background noise, the bass is thumping and there is no loss of sound quality over time. They sound great right out of the box and the high build quality means they stay that way. In fact, one of our customers has stated that these inexpensive Sony earphones are of a better build quality and sound better than their much more expensive Skullcandy Ink’d earphones! Plus, they come with a whole range of differently sized ear buds, to fit any ear.

Experience deep, thumping bass on the move with the high density acoustic resistor. The Neodymium magnet pumps out high resolution mid range and treble. The angled silicone rubber buds ensure a snug fit in the ear, and come in a range of sizes. Plus, there’s a 1.2m Y-Type cord with a slider to cut help prevent cord tangling.

Enhance and enjoy your run, walk in the park or your commute on the train or bus. If you need a new pair of in-ear headphones for running, walking or riding on public transport, the Sony MDREX50LPB are the ones you need. Highly recommended by us.


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    I got a new set of proper headphones because I got really fed up of my earbuds falling out all the time. They’re much better when I go to the gym and they sound amazing! They also block a lot more of the ambient noise. I’d recommend them to anyone who is fed up of awful sounding earphones which always fall out.

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