Polaroid PoGo Digital Photo Printer

Polaroid PoGo Digital Photo Printer

Here we have the awesome Polaroid PoGo Digital Photo Printer. This funky little photo printer is completely mobile; not only does it run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries as opposed to needing mains power, it is also small enough to fit in your pocket, Certainly beats sitting on a desk or dusty shelf somewhere.

This funky little device allows you to connect to and print directly from any digital camera using USB PictBridge technology. Not only that, you can also connect it directly to pretty much any bluetooth-enabled smart phone, laptop or tablet PC wirelessly. How cool is that?

Once you’ve connected your device to the PoGo, printing a high quality digital image takes just 60 seconds. You then have a great little sticky-back 2×3″ memento (corner to corner – no white borders) to keep with you or hang up somewhere you can see it. The ink is dry and the photo is waterproof as soon as it prints too.

Now here comes the really special part; just like an old-fashioned Polaroid camera, this little wireless printer uses Zero Ink (Zink) technology, meaning it never needs ink cartridges, toner, ribbon or print heads. All you need is the compatible Zink photo paper. How does this work? We have no idea! You’d have to ask Polaroid about that. All we know is this is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while.

Use the Polaroid PoGo Digital Photo Printer to print anywhere, at any time!

A couple of notes from us:

  • A full charge will be enough to print around 15 pictures, but a quick 5 minute charge will allow you to print off at least a couple.
  • The photo paper is cheap, and the cost per picture will typically be around 20p

A note from Polaroid on Zink technology:

The heart of this new “ZINK” category of printing is the ZINK Paper. The patented ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals, activated with 200 million heat pulses, in 30 seconds, in a single pass. With 100 billion crystals in a 2 x 3-inch print, the paper is 100- percent inkless. A ZINK-enabled printer uses heat to activate and colourize these crystals. Because there is no ink, every ZINK-enabled device has the unique benefits of being small, simple, elegant, and ecu-friendly.

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