Actioncam Action Video Camera

Actioncam Action Video Camera

Actioncam Action Video Camera

Ride a bike or motorbike? Enjoy extreme sports? Why not capture them with this Actioncam Action Video Camera. This cool little camera records 640 x 480 VGA resolution, which is more than adequate to capture the beautiful scenery on biking road trips or bungee jumps. Unlike other action cameras in this price range, this one takes a micro SD card up to 32GB, allowing you to store up to 640 minutes of video on the device. Once this is full, simply stick in another card to start the process again.

The Actioncam is very reasonably priced, but massively outperforms its price. Emphasis is on the video quality, which according to our customers is surprisingly good for a camera of this price. Please note that there are different recording quality settings on the camera, so if you aren’t happy with your first recording, change the settings.

The Actioncam Action Video Camera runs off 2 AAA (triple A) batteries, and lasts for around 40 minutes on this. This could be better, so make sure you take some spares with you on your journeys. Also, it’s worth turning off the camera until you get to the points of interest.

Included in the box is a helmet strap, which according to some customers is a bit fiddly, so check it fits on your helmet before setting off.

Features include hands free one touch recording, an LCD command screen and 360 degree rotation. The camera is weatherproof, and can charge via USB. Videos can be uploaded easily to a laptop or PC via USB for editing or playback.

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