Paladone Tetris Heat Change Mug

Paladone Tetris Heat Change Mug

Paladone Tetris Heat Change Mug

Here it is, the ultimate cool geek gift; the Paladone Tetris Heat Change Mug. This is an officially-licensed mug featuring (arguably) the most popular, and definitely the most copied game, of all time. The revamped version has achieved over 130 million paid downloads on mobile devices.

What more could you want when you’re at work than a heat-changing mug full of your favourite hot beverage, which changes the design when the mug gets hot?

This is a great mug with retro design appeal, designed by Paladone Products. Please note; the mug is not suitable for use in dishwashers or microwaves.

The design features the beginning of a game of Tetris when it is cold, and changes when hot to show a more advanced game of Tetris. This is a very cool and unique gift, which provides a certain novelty to the mundane task of drinking tea or coffee.

The Paladone Tetris Heat Change Mug has great appeal to anyone who enjoys or has enjoyed Tetris, loves the brand, or enjoys retro gaming.

Our customers love this great little gift, and have stated that the mug is despatched quickly and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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