We are an established electronics retailer based in England, United Kingdom. We have several years’ experience selling consumer electronics and other gadgets through online marketplaces and our own website. We have previously specialised in consumer electronics (portable DVD players, mobile phones, tablet PC’s etc) as well as electronic gadgets, but have recently changed direction and now focus almost entirely on different types of consumer gadgets. Everything from Tetris alarm clocks to Batman cufflinks, lab flask salt and pepper sets to novelty flash drives; if it’s geeky, techy or in any other way perceived to come under the category of ‘cool’ or ‘gadget’, chances are we probably offer it.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect buyers with the products they want. The World Wide Web is a fantastic and fascinating marketplace, where you can purchase literally anything you desire. The problem is the overload of information, and the sheer range of websites (not to mention the huge ranges of products within these websites), which can be completely overwhelming. Our aim is to sift through the junk and cherry-pick the best of the best products, connecting our customers with the things they actually want.